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How do I install a custom theme on my HTK?

Once your custom theme design has been approved and Hamilton has notified you that it is ready for download, schedule a time with a Customer Service representative to install it.

You will need to be on site with access to the HTK backend. You will need to provide customer service with the MAC address of the HTK, which is located in the upper-right hand corner of the main admin screen.

The bill dispenser is jamming bills in the back. What can I do to try and stop this problem?

First, you will want to take out the bills and shuffle them around to get the bills to not stick to each other. Then make sure that the bills are in a neat row in the cassette. Next thing you will want to do is make sure the inside of the cassette as well as the dispenser is clear. Make sure the rollers have no build up forming on them by cleaning with alcohol and Q-tips.

The XE validator display is only reading half a 1 with a dot on the side and will not take a bill, but my HTK screen shows that they can pick a wash. What's wrong?

The half a 1 and a dot indicates the validator is inhibited. In an HTK, that normally means that the smaller flat harness on the back of the validator is not plugged in correctly.

Power down the HTK and remove the XE validator, as well as the harnesses that plug into the back of it. Unplug the smaller flat harness out and plug it back in.

Make sure that the two small tabs on the harness are facing towards the XE and not away from it. Turn it back on and it should show a dot when it is ready to go.

I can hear the fans operating in my HTK, but the power supply has no red lights on it like normal. What could the issue be?

Power off the machine and check the 10 amp fuse just above the power switch to see if it is still good. You can check to see if the fuse is good visually or by using a voltage meter to check continuity across the fuse.

My printer on the HTK will not feed paper out, and a red light is showing on the side. What do I do?

The thumb knob on the printer may have been pushed in with the opening and closing of the door.

To fix this, find the small black thumb knob on the printer (located on the same side as the red and green lights). Push the black thumb knob to the inside of the printer and then pull it out. You should feel it click two times before the green light starts pulsing slowly.


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