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Can I back up any of the information that is being stored on my D.A.N.?

Hamilton highly recommends subscribing to our cloud-based site management platform Hosted Solutions. All financial data is backed up to this service.

Additionally – site audits, site configuration, site controller, and site user information can be backed up onto a USB flash drive. Refer to the Data Access Network Programming Manual for further instructions.

Can I update my D.A.N. when logging in remotely?

No – you must be on site and in front of the D.A.N. to perform a software update.

Why do I need a static IP?

A static IP is necessary if you plan on accessing your D.A.N. remotely. You can request a static IP from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Should I delete the default log in name and password for the D.A.N.?

The default log in name admin cannot be deleted or changed; only the password for that user can be changed.

Once your D.A.N. is online and your equipment is connected, it is suggested that you create additional user names and passwords for individual users. You can then create user rights for each of the individual users that will be interacting with D.A.N.

When this is done, the administrator or owner of the carwash should change the admin password. 

Once you change the admin password, it is your responsibility to remember that password.

Why are the last 3 digits in my IP address for my kiosks, changers, and timers different from each other?

This distinguishes each piece of equipment from each other.

Can I give a customer a receipt for a credit card purchase that's been completed through the POS on the D.A.N. system?

Yes. Hamilton offers a printer that allows you to print a receipt for any transaction completed via the POS button on the D.A.N.

Can I connect other OEM change machines to the D.A.N.?

No – only Hamilton change machines are compatible with D.A.N.

What is 'Port Forwarding'?

Port Forwarding is a function of a router that allows an incoming request from a specific IP address to be forwarded to the correct piece of equipment.

What does the D.A.N. use as a firewall?

The D.A.N. uses the router as its firewall.

How often should I backup my data?

If you subscribe to Hosted Solutions, your data will be permanently backed up to the cloud. 

If you do not utilize Hosted Solutions, we recommend that you back your data at least once month, or even once a week. In the event your D.A.N. has to be sent in for service or replaced, you can then restore that data back onto the D.A.N.

I forgot my password to log into the D.A.N.

If you have forgotten your user password to log onto the D.A.N., you can log in as admin and reset the user’s password.

If you have forgotten the admin password, you will have to contact Hamilton Customer Support. There is a fee to reset the admin password.


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