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Changer Controllers

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How do I change the payout on a change machine?

For example: 5 tokens for $1; 25 tokens for $10; 1 token for $1, etc.

There are 12 dip switches on the face of the controller. These dip switches select the different payout schemes available when set to different positions.

Refer to the C2000 Operational Manual (#101-0009, page 10) to find a list of common payout schemes with appropriate drip switch configurations. 

Where is the controller located?

The controller is mounted on the sidewall of your cabinet. It has a green LED and a white Computer Reset Button on the face of it.

What does it mean when the green LED is ON?

It’s indicating that everything is normal and the controller is running.

What does it mean when the green LED is flashing?

A fault has been detected and the controller automatically shut the machine down. The green LED will begin a sequence of flashes, which indicates the appropriate error code.

For example: flash-flash – pause – flash-flash-flash – long pause and the sequence repeats. This would be interpreted as a 2 – 3 error; hopper is jammed.

Download the C2000 Operational Manual (101-0009) for a full list of error codes (see page 7). 

How do I read error codes from the controller?

To read an error code, watch the flashing LED. Note that there is a series of flashes, a short pause, another series of flashes, and then a long pause. After the long pause, count the number of flashes seen, wait while the LED pauses briefly, then count the next series of flashes. The sequence will continue until the Computer Reset Button is pressed. Make sure you watch the sequence several times to ensure the message is interpreted properly.

Download the C2000 Operational Manual (101-0009) for a full list of error codes (see page 7).

How do I reset the controller?

After an error has occurred and you have located the problem, reset the computer by pressing the Computer Reset Button once. The LED will go out while the controller resets; when the reset is complete, the LED will turn back on.


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