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Custom Mobile App Program

Hamilton’s latest innovation lets you bring a branded mobile app to your customers.



With consumers now spending an average of 5 hours a day on their mobile devices*, there’s never been a better time to bring your car wash into the digital era.


Hamilton can build your business a fully-branded mobile app with a compelling range of features to improve customer service, increase sales, and drive loyalty.


*Flurry State of Mobile Report


In times of elevated public concern about hygiene and the transmission of viruses, an app can give your customers a completely contactless method of paying for and initiating wash services.


Single Washes, Bundles, Monthly Wash Clubs, Loyalty Awards, and Birthday Awards

Users simply scan a QR code at the barcode reader before their service is automatically vended.


Item Discount Deals

Once an Item Discount deal code is scanned and the credit displayed on the kiosk screen, users can complete payment by using the apps contactless payment method – AirPay®.


Sell your regular washes and any number of wash bundles to incentivize return business. 


This highly flexible monthly membership program lets customers pay one recurring fee to wash their vehicle.


Sign-up is performed by the customer; once complete, they can start washing immediately by scanning a unique QR code at your Hamilton pay station.


Offer Unlimited washing, one wash per day, or set a custom use range to suit your business model.


All wash codes have an expiration time to minimize abuse, and Wash Clubs are locked to the original users device to offer further protection.

Promotes greater loyalty

Offers reliable cashflow


Helps weather-proof your car wash


Low administrative requirements


Simple management in Hosted Solutions


Fully-automated recurring billing


Offer a loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases made in the app.

Set the threshold value (e.g. $100 spend = a Free Wash) and reward item (e.g. Ultimate Wash) and our automated system will handle the rest.

Once a user reaches the threshold, they will receive a customized push notification and email alerting them to their free wash.

An interactive ‘slider’ displays a users points progress on the homescreen.

1,000 Points to go!                              9,000/10,000 points


Offering regular global deals to customers is a great way to increase app engagement and usage. Three different options are available:


Lets you offer a complimentary wash to users. Typically used to encourage app downloads with potential users.
Offers a pre-determined dollar discount on a specific wash package.
Offers a pre-determined dollar discount on any wash package.


NEW FOR 2020

This new feature lets you to create a unique Promo Code for an ItemItem Discount, or Transaction Discount deal. The deal will be hidden from all regular app users, and can only be claimed if a user has access to the Promo Code.

This allows you to create targeted campaigns for specific groups. 




You’re running an advert in a local magazine and want to offer all readers half off your best wash.

  • Create a Promo Code Deal in Hosted Solutions that gives a $7.50 Item Discount off your $15 Ultimate Wash with the code LOCALMAG
  • Within the magazine advertisement, reference the promotion – ‘Download our app today and enter the promo code LOCALMAG to get half off our BEST Ultimate Wash!
  • Users download your app, create an account, and enter the code to claim their half-off promo code
  • Reporting in Hosted Solutions breaks down the amount of readers who have claimed and redeemed the deal, allowing you to easily gauge the effectiveness of the promotion

You want to give everyone attending the local high school basketball game a free Ultimate Wash as part of your community outreach.

  • Create a Promo Code Deal in Hosted Solutions for an Ultimate Wash Item deal with the code BBALL
  • Promote the offer via available mediums – flyers, PA announcements etc.
  • Use the Promo Code reporting in Hosted Solutions to gauge the effectiveness of the promotion.

A quick lube in town wants to give their customers a free Basic Wash with every service. You negotiate that you will bill them $3.50 for every $5 Basic Wash that is redeemed with the promo code.

  • Create a Promo Code Deal in Hosted Solutions for a Basic Wash Item deal with the code LUBE2020
  • Print a promotional sticker that quick lube employees can attach to any service order that includes the promo code, such as ‘Download the Hamilton Car Wash app and enter the promo code LUBE2020 to get a FREE Basic car wash!’
  • Use the Promo Code reporting in Hosted Solutions to identify how many free washes have been redeemed. With this information, you can determine how much to bill the quick lube

    Note: for a promotion such as this, it is recommended to change the Promo Code on a regular basis.


NEW FOR 2020

The most credible advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust. More than eight-in-10 global respondents (83%) say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family.

Global Trust in Advertising Report

Nielsen Global Connect

One of the most cost-effective ways to market any business is to use existing customers to advocate for you.

Positive referrals can significantly increase acquisition rates, and with our new Referral Program you can now provide your loyal customers with a simple and engaging way to spread the word about your car wash.




An existing user shares a message with their friend via their preferred application (SMS, Messenger, email etc.). This message includes details on the Referral Program, the users referral code, and a link to download the app.


The recipient of the referral downloads the app and enters the provided referral code at sign-up. They receive a welcome notification, and the original referrer also receives a notification stating that their friend has just downloaded the app.


When the new app user makes their first purchase in the app, they automatically receive an award that you determine. Awards can be a complete wash, a discount on a specific wash, or a discount on any future service.


The user who made the referral gets a notification stating that their friend has just made their first purchase, and is automatically given Loyalty Points as a ‘thank you’ for the referral. The amount of loyalty points given to users can be defined in Hosted Solutions.


When a user adds a card to their app account, they can use AirPAY® to pay for any on-site services tied into Hamilton equipment.


Whether at a pay station, self-serve bay, or pet wash, a simple scan of their unique, secure QR code will initiate their desired service.


Once the transaction is complete, a receipt is automatically emailed to the user for their records.



Push notifications are one of the most popular methods of communication today. 

With global notifications, you can reach out to your entire app user base instantly to alert them about deals, promotions, events, closures, revised hours, and more.

Individual notifications are sent to users whenever they earn a loyalty award, birthday award, or participate in the Referral Program. You can further personalize these messages by addressing users by name.

A dedicated page also displays a list of the last ten notifications sent to each user.


The automated Birthday Wash feature will send a personalized notification along with a free wash of your choosing to a user on their special day.


All users can gift single washes or wash bundles to friends and family via the app.


Simple Management

Manage all aspects of your app with ease from Hosted Solutions.

Data Tracking

A variety of reports and features allow you to gauge the effectiveness of promotions, app usage, user behavior, and more.

Improve Customer Service

Give your customers an easier and more engaging way to purchase services at your car wash.

No Commissions

Pay a single, flat service fee regardless of your app revenue.

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