Expresspass lpr

Automate monthly club membership signups to drive revenue and loyalty. Increase throughput, custom retention and recurring revenue by utilizing Hamilton’s ExpressPass License Place Recognition (LPR) system.


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Mobile App Integration

Customers can join via Custom Mobile App

Customer-Centric Experience

Tailor kiosk messages with custom fields to greet customers personally

Automated Billing

Automated nightly billing reduces labor requirements

Reduce Cost

Eliminates RFID tags to reduce cost and labor


Fast and accurate plate reads

Fast Sign Up

Customers can sign up, on their own, in under 30 seconds

ExpressPass LPR

Cameras must be mounted a minimum of 28ft straight back from the center of the pay station

Cameras must be mounted 8ft from the ground

Uses both optical and infared (IR) cameras to improve read rate

Runs an embedded Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR system

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

hamilton LPR system diagram


The ExpressPass LPR system works across most Hamilton kiosks: HTK, CTK, and Commander. Any questions about compatibility, please email:


ExpressPass LPR Installation Manual (#101-0293)
DOWNLOAD Size:3.31 MB Version date: 04/2022
ExpressPass LPR System Overview (#5192)
DOWNLOAD Size:1.20 KB Version date: 04/2023

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