The Hamilton Transaction Kiosk is a powerful unattended kiosk designed to engage your customers and grow your business through innovative technologies, superior marketing capabilities, and outstanding security & durability.


Accepts Chip Cards and Contactless Payment*

Supports Custom Mobile App, LPR, and RFID Loyalty Programs

Sell Washes, Bundles, Wash Clubs**, and CVC Reloads

Offer Buy-Ups, Upgrades, and Receipt Codes**

Custom Door, Cabinet, and Base Wraps

15" Touch Screen Display with Custom Graphics

11 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction With Cash Vault, Camera, and MEDECO® Locks

Integrates with All Major Tunnel Controllers

Barcode Scanner

* Must use ID TECH (USA) or Moneris (Canada) for credit card processing.
** Wash Bundles, Receipt Codes, and Hamilton Custom Mobile Apps require at least a Silver-Level Hosted Solutions subscription.
Wash Clubs, including RFID, LPR, and Mobile Apps, require a Gold-Level Hosted Solutions subscription. Hosted Solutions requires a D.A.N.


  • Validator options: XE Single Stacker (USA market), Talos MDB, or Mars Cashflow®
  • Accept Hamilton Tokenotes® (when configured with XE bill acceptor/validator)
  • Dual bill dispenser
  • Two 4,800 quarter capacity hoppers
  • Multi-coin acceptor (accept up to 12 coin types or tokens)


  • ID TECH VP6800 EMV chip card reader (USA market)*
  • Verifone UX EMV chip card solution (Canada market)*
  • Mag Stripe card reader (USA market)
  • Supports payment with contactless-enabled cards, chip cards, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

15” Touch Screen Display

Responsive touch-screen display features video animations and audio, guiding your customers through the transaction process.


Wash Bundles**

Build value for your customer by selling multiple washes at one time at a discounted rate. A unique QR code is printed on the receipt and texted to the customer. The code becomes invalid after the washes are used.


Allow customers to customize their wash by adding on additional services.

Receipt Codes**

Issue time-sensitive codes on receipts for discounted washes, or depending on your equipment setup, you could use receipt codes to offer free vacuum time.

Programmable Event Times & Pricing

Schedule special pricing for different occasions on a one-time or recurring basis.

CVC & Fleet Cards

Customer Value Cards are Hamilton-specific and function like gift cards. Customers can add to their card, and check the balance directly at the kiosk. Both CVCs and Fleet Cards require Hamilton-issued cards, and a Points to Partners account; additional fees apply.


POS Code Systems are available with Pay-at-Pump capabilities (on-site or remote solutions available).


Custom Themes

Complement your brand and menu board with matching custom graphics.

Custom Wraps

Wrap your kiosk in a custom-designed, high-quality vinyl wrap. Advertise your mobile apps, wash clubs and other service offerings.

Custom Voice

Greet your customers with a personalized welcome and proceed message, and have your kiosk speak specific wash names.


Connects seamlessly with Hamilton’s Custom Mobile App, ExpressPass LPR, and RFID wash club programs. Customers can quickly and securely sign up at the kiosk, and will be automatically billed every month (requires Hosted Solutions gold-level subscription and D.A.N.).

Mobile App & Ecommerce**

Have Hamilton build you a Custom Mobile App and Ecommerce page branded for your wash.

Wash Clubs**

Wash club programs are supported by Hamilton’s Mobile App, ExpressPass LPR, and ExpressPass RFID. Customers can quickly and securely sign up at the kiosk, and will be automatically billed every month.

Barcode Scanner

Validates mobile app codes, wash bundle codes, receipt codes, single use codes, and promo codes**.


  • High-security MEDECO® locks
  • High-security door with self-contained cash vault
  • PCI-certified card payment solution
  • Equipment status & access notifications
  • Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)
  • Security camera and alarm
  • ETL listed
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Back-end management system with remote access possible through VPN connection


  • Cabinet size (brick-in): 40” H x 26 ½” W x 15 ¾” D
    (101.6cm H x 67.3cm W x 40cm D)
  • Cabinet size (free-standing): 41 ⅛’” H x 28 ⅜’” W x 15 ⅞” D
    (104.5cm H x 72.1cm W x 40.3cm D)
  • Door: 11 gauge stainless steel
  • Cabinet (brick-in): 11 gauge carbon steel
  • Cabinet (free-standing): 11 gauge stainless steel
  • Bases available in 18”, 24”, 30”, and 35” heights
  • Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Weight: 452lbs/205kg


Car Wash Solutions Brochure (#6048)
DOWNLOAD Size:8.3 MB Version date: 2/2022
HTK Overview (Car Wash, #5166)
DOWNLOAD Size:388.29 KB Version date: 02/2024
ExpressPass RFID System Overview (#5168)
DOWNLOAD Size:1.04 MB Version date: 04/2023
HTK Visual Quickstart Guide
DOWNLOAD Size:1,017.11 KB Version date: 6/2011
HTK & CTK Programming Manual (#101-0243)
DOWNLOAD Size:3.72 MB Version date: 10/2023
HTK Installation Manual (#101-0204)
DOWNLOAD Size:11.02 MB Version date: 10/2020
HTK Dimensional Drawing
DOWNLOAD Size:448.65 KB Version date: 3/2012
HTK Configuration Form (#1171)
DOWNLOAD Size:204.15 KB Version date: 01/2024

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