Gold Line is a cost-effective kiosk solution designed for unattended car washes. With proven durability and security, it provides a quick and easy way for your customers to purchase services.

Customizable Lexan Facepanel

Your logo, branding, and marketing messages can be incorporated into a unique panel design.

Display Options

Gold Line comes standard with a high-visibility, scrolling LED display. An optional 5.7″ color display is available.

EMV Credit Card Processing

EMV (chip card) processing solutions are available for both US and Canadian markets, with support for contactless payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Loyalty Program Integration

Offer monthly plans for a steady stream of recurring revenue with ExpressPass RFID, LPR (License Plate Recognition), or app-based Wash Club technologies.

Barcode Scanner

Vend Single Use Codes, Custom Mobile App codes, and more with the available barcode scanner.

Cabinet Options

Gold Line is available in both brick-in or free-standing configuratons.

Custom Mobile App Integration

Hamilton can build a custom mobile app for your car wash, giving you an exceptional direct marketing tool. Gold Line provides instant app code redemption to initiate wash services.

Wash Functions

Gold Line sells 4 washes as standard, but can be configured to sell 8 – perfect for combination automatics.

Unbeatable Security and Build Quality

Gold Line’s stainless steel construction and attentive construction ensures security and longevity.


Choose our standard Blue/Silver panel artwork or a completely custom design that can reflect your brand, wash packages, and messaging.


Gold Line is available with a mag stripe credit card reader or a chip-ready Ingenico iUC285 EMV reader  for the US market.

A Verifone UX chip & pin solution serves all Canadian markets.


Gold Line integrates with our Loyalty Programs, letting you offer monthly wash clubs to your customers for a steady stream of recurring revenue.

ExpressPass RFID

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), ExpressPass reads a unique chip embedded in a windshield-mounted, tamper-proof tag. It then validates the account holder information in a secure database, before vending the appropriate service.

Hamilton LPR

Our LPR technology validates monthly members by reading their license plate. With convenient sign-up through a custom Ecommerce website, LPR offers the same features as RFID but with minimal labor/administration demands.

App-Based Wash Clubs

Our Custom Mobile App program offers a Monthly Wash Club feature. Customers sign up in the app, and simply scan a unique, expiring QR code at HTK when they want to redeem a wash.


The available 3D image barcode scanner lets customers scan a range of codes for fast, easy initiation of services. Code types include:

Custom Mobile App QR Codes

Scanned directly from the app

Coupon Codes

Create a discount code and generate a QR code for users to scan

Single Use QR Codes

Scanned from email or printed media


Whether you are a single in-bay automatic selling four washes, or a multi-lane full serve tunnel offering a variety of different services, Gold Line can meet the demands of various business models.

Gate Sequencing Software

For high-traffic tunnels, gate sequencing software controls the sequence of paid transactions, allowing the appropriate car into the queue at the correct time.

Special Event Pricing

Set up special events to automatically adjust pricing.

Gift Card Acceptance

Gold Line can accept customized Gift Cards from Hamilton.


Free-standing & Brick-in: 
27 1/2″ H x 21 3/4″ W x 11 7/8″ D
(69.9cm H x 55.2cm W x 30.2cm D)

Bases available: 
20” or 26” stainless steel console base for free-standing cabinet
20” or 26” pedestal base for free-standing cabinet

Door: 11 gauge stainless steel
Cabinet (free-standing): 11 gauge stainless steel
Cabinet (brick-in): 11 gauge carbon steel

Power: 110 VAC, 60 Hz
Weight: 205lbs/93.0kg

  • Scrolling red LED display
  • Validator Options:
    • Hamilton XE
    • Mars
  • Two Slugbuster coin acceptors
  • One 3,200 quarter capacity hopper
  • High security MEDECO locks
  • Automated voice prompts
  • Keypad (for redemption of app codes, Single Use Codes, and code coupons
  • Programmable special event times and pricing (via D.A.N. system)
  • Four wash selection buttons
  • 5.7″ Graphic Display upgrade (optional)
  • Credit card options (all optional):
    • Mag stripe
    • Ingenico iUC285 EMV/chip card reader (USA market)
    • Verifone UX EMV/chip card solution (Canadian market)
  • Thermal receipt printer (optional)
  • Barcode scanner (optional)
  • IDX X12 coin acceptor (optional)
  • 8-function configuration (optional, sell up to 8 wash packages)
  • Lighted stainless steel hood assembly with ‘PAY HERE’ Lexan (optional, must be used with brick-in cabinet)
  • Lighted stainless steel hood aseembly with scrolling LED display (optional, must be used with brick-in cabinet)
  • Brick-mount external display (optional)


2022 Car Wash Solutions Brochure (#6048)
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Gold Line Overview (#5141)
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Gold Line Name, Function, & Price Stickers (#101-0276)
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Gold Line Display Upgrades (#5165)
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Car Wash Solutions Brochure (#5181)
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Gold Line ACW & Gold Line Plus (Car Wash) Manual
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Gold Line Dimensional Drawing
DOWNLOAD Size:593.77 KB Version date: 10/2004

Gold Line Configuration Form (#1173)
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