D.A.N. is a computer system that networks Hamilton equipment at a single location to Hosted Solutions for remote reporting and monitoring.


It also provides high-speed credit card clearing for  Gold Line pay stations, ACW pay stations, DTT/DTI’s, RNS-CCT change machines, and DRS-CCT change machines.


Hosted Solutions Integration

D.A.N. networks all Hamilton equipment at a single location and pushes financial data and statuses to our cloud-based, multi-site management platform

Loyalty Programs

Pushes mobile app codes, LPR reads, RFID tag reads, receipt codes, and Single Use Codes to Hosted Solutions for validation. 

Credit Card Clearing

Provides high-speed credit card clearing for Gold Line pay stations, ACW pay stations, Hamilton self serve bay timers, and RNS-CCT, DRS-CCT, & CCD change machines

Gift Cards

Promote your business with Hamilton Gift Cards, customized to your brand. D.A.N. processes all gift card transactions.

Remote Access

Even if you do not use Hosted Solutions, you can set up remote access to D.A.N. to print audit reports, clear soft errors, and change pricing.


Receive email or SMS notifications that alert you to any problems with equipment connected to D.A.N.



  • Windows 8.1 operating system
  • Connects any Hamilton equipment (HTK, CTK, Commander, Gold Line, change machines, DTI’s/DTT’s) to Hosted Solutions
  • Provides high-speed mag stripe credit card clearing for Gold Line, DTT’s/DTI’s, and change machines
        – Requires gateway account to be set up with E-xact Transactions Ltd.
  • Email & SMS notifications: get status and error reports on connected equipment
  • Processes Hamilton Gift Cards
  • Provides event pricing for Gold Line pay station
  • Validated payment application (PCI PA-DSS)
  • Requires customer-supplied keyboard, monitor, and mouse

Econo D.A.N.
(computer only, does not include cabinet housing. Not suitable for wet environments) [part #49-9669]
Power: 120 VAC, 60Hz | Weight: 1.95lbs/0.88kg

Basic D.A.N.
(includes computer and heavy-duty cabinet housing, suitable for use in wet environments) [part #49-9671]
Power: 120 VAC, 60Hz | Weight: 40lbs/18.1kg | Cabinet construction: 14 gauge stainless steel
Dimensions: 20” H x 19 7/8” W x 5” D | 50.8cm H x 50.5cm W x 12.7cm D

  • Card reader to activate, recharge, and check balance of Gift Cards (for Econo or Basic versions) [part #49-9442]
  • Transaction receipt printer (allows printing of receipts from D.A.N. computer) [part #100-0118]
  • High Speed Internet Connection With Static IP
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • VPN Router
  • 8 Port Switch
  • Cat 5, Cat 5E or Cat 6 Cable

For a complete list of component requirements specific to your location and setup, contact Hamilton



Data Access Network (D.A.N.) and DTT's (#5183)

DOWNLOAD 746.85 KB Version date: 5/2019


E-xact Merchant Registration Form for USA (#1141)

DOWNLOAD 459.85 KB Version date: 1/2012


E-xact Merchant Registration Form for Canada (#1078)

DOWNLOAD 862.40 KB Version date: 2/2012


Data Access Network (D.A.N.) Programming Manual

DOWNLOAD 13.40 MB Version date: 2/2012


Data Access Network (D.A.N.) Installation & Setup Guide

DOWNLOAD 1.34 MB Version date: 6/2012


Data Access Network (D.A.N.) Dimensional Drawing

DOWNLOAD 88.74 KB Version date: 3/2012


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