Hamilton can build your car wash a fully-branded mobile app and ecommerce website with a compelling range of features to improve customer service, increase sales, and drive loyalty.


Ecommerce websites do not require a Custom Mobile App and can be purchased as a standalone item. Ecommerce websites allow customers to buy merchandise, purchase washes and bundles, sign up for Monthly Wash Clubs*, gift washes, and manage Customer Value Cards**. Your Ecommerce website can be viewed on computers, tablets, and smart phones. The landing page can be used for Google Business and social media.


Sell merchandise (like towels and air fresheners) to be shipped to customers.

Washes & Bundles

Sell washes and wash bundles. Codes for redemption are emailed and added to customer’s wallet.

Monthly Wash Clubs*

Customers can sign up and pay for a Monthly Wash Club. They are automatically billed every month.


Customers can send washes and bundles to a recipient’s email. If the recipient has an account, the gift loads directly to their user wallet.

Customer Value Cards**

Customers can purchase, reload, and check their Customer Value Card balance.

Access on a Computer

Ecommerce pages can be viewed on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Landing Page

Use your Ecommerce page as your website for Google Business and social media accounts.

Mobile app & Ecommerce

All Hamilton Custom Mobile Apps now include an Ecommerce website. Mobile Apps also allow you to send push notifications, offer a loyalty program, give birthday washes, offer deals and promos, have a referral program, and utilize AirPAY®. On a computer, the customer will be directed to the Ecommerce website, but on a smart phone, your website will open as your mobile app. Both are integrated and update seamlessly through Hosted Solutions.

Push Notifications

Engage your customers by sending messages directly to their phones through push notifications.

Loyalty Rewards

Reward loyalty with every purchase made on the app or with AirPAY® at the kiosk.

Birthday Washes

Automatically send customers a free wash on their birthday.

Deals & Promos

Offer special discounts for app users to increase app use and further your marketing efforts.

Referral Program

Encourage existing app users to refer friends with rewards for both users.


Allow customers to add their credit card on the app for fast payments at the kiosk.

A Silver-Level Hosted Solutions subscription is required for the Hamilton Mobile App or Ecommerce.
A merchant account with ID TECH or WorldPay (USA), or Moneris (Canada) is required for the Hamilton Mobile App or Ecommerce.

* Wash Clubs require a Gold-Level Hosted Solutions subscription. Hamilton ExpressPass LPR, RFID, or Custom Mobile App required.
** Customer Value Cards are Hamilton-specific and function like gift cards. Hamilton-issued cards and a Points to Partners account required; additional fees apply.

Loyalty Rewards

Offer a loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases made in the app.

Set the threshold value (e.g. $100 spend = a Free Wash) and reward item (e.g. Ultimate Wash) and our automated system will handle the rest.

An interactive ‘slider’ displays a user’s points progress on the home screen.

1,000 Points to go!                              9,000/10,000 points


Offering regular global deals to customers is a great way to increase app engagement and usage. Three different options are available:

  • Item: Gives the item for free (typically used to encourage app downloads by offering a free wash with download)
  • Item Discount: Offers a pre-determined dollar discount on a specific wash package.
  • Transaction Discount: Offers a pre-determined dollar discount on any transaction

Promo Codes

Promo codes are hidden from all regular app users, and can only be claimed if a user has access to the Promo Code (outside of the app). This allows you to create targeted campaigns for specific groups.

For example, you’re running an advert in a local magazine and want to offer all readers half off your best wash. You would create a Promo Code Deal in Hosted Solutions that gives a $7.50 Item Discount off your $15 Ultimate Wash with the code LOCALMAG. In the magazine advertisement, reference the promotion – ‘Download our app today and enter the promo code LOCALMAG to get half off our BEST Ultimate Wash!

Referral Program

One of the most cost-effective ways to market any business is to use existing customers to advocate for you.

Positive referrals can significantly increase acquisition rates, and with our new Referral Program you can now provide your loyal customers with a simple and engaging way to spread the word about your car wash.


  1. Existing customer sends a message to their friend from the app
  2. Their friend needs to download the app, complete sign up, and make a purchase from the app
  3. The original customer receives loyalty points, and the new customer automatically receives an award (both values determined by you)


When a user adds a card to their app account, they can use AirPAY® to pay for any on-site services tied into Hamilton equipment. Whether at a pay station, self-serve bay, or pet wash, a simple scan of their unique, secure QR code will initiate their desired service. Once the transaction is complete, a receipt is automatically emailed to the user for their records.


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