September 19th – 21st were busy days in Atlantic City, New Jersey this year! The 2022 Northeast Regional Carwash Convention (NRCC) wrapped a record-breaking with over 350 booths; Hamilton was among the exhibitors and had a wonderful time at the show.

We brought 2 kiosks and showed off our latest ExpressPass LPR system, mobile app, and hosted solutions. The Commander kiosk and HTK (Hamilton Transaction Kiosk) were both hits. Hamilton kiosks are always great options for car wash operators who want the best of technology, durability, innovation, and technology. 

We loved seeing everyone, and can’t wait for the 2023 show: October 2-4. Check out images from this year’s show and links to relevant product literature are below.


commander kiosk

Hamilton’s Commander Kiosk

Commander Pay Station Overview (#5189)
DOWNLOAD Size:1.25 MB Version date: 02/2024

HTK: Hamilotn Transaction Kiosk

HTK Overview (Car Wash, #5166)
DOWNLOAD Size:388.29 KB Version date: 02/2024

license plate highlighted

ExpressPass LPR System Overview (#5192)
DOWNLOAD Size:1.20 KB Version date: 04/2023

Car Wash Solutions Brochure (#6048)
DOWNLOAD Size:8.3 MB Version date: 2/2022