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  • Available custom-printed tags are used with our ExpressPass RFID system. The system automatically recognizes a vehicle once the tag is read, and triggers the appropriate wash vend.

  • ExpressPass tags can also be configured to offer monthly members additional buy-ups or package upgrades at the pay station.
  •  Tags will self-destruct if tampered with or removed.
    2.5″ wide x 0.75″ height

Standard/generic design shown.


  1. Identify an appropriate mounting position
    Typically, this is the upper-left corner of the windshield (when sitting in the drivers seat), or below the rear-view mirror.
  2. Ensure that the tag can be placed below the tint line
  3. Clean the area the tag will be applied to with isopropyl alcohol or a similar solution
    A permanent bond will not be achieved if moisture, dirt, oil, or grease is present on the surface.
  4. Remove a tag from the roll
    Ensure hands are clean. DO NOT touch the adhesive on the back of the RFID tag. Once skin oils are transferred to the tag, its adhesive properties are diminished.
  5. Apply the tag
    Holding the tag with the edges with your thumb and index finger, carefully apply to the designated area of the windshield with horizontal placement. Apply even pressure with your thumb to ensure any air bubbles are removed and the tag is firmly attached.

If a tag is not reading, use the following steps to help identify the issue:

  • Is the customer account active? You can check this in Hosted Solutions. If their most recent payment failed, their account status will be changed to ‘Credit Hold’. They will need to provide a new method of payment to have their plan reactivated.
  • Does the customers windshield have a metal component or electrically condusive components? Some luxury manufacturers (e.g. BMW, Acura, Mercedes, Range Rover) use metal oxide in their windshield glass that can impede the RFID chip within the tag. If this is the case, attempt to find an alternate mounting position for the tag (e.g. sunroof).
  • Is the tag itself defective? To test, take a different active tag and position it in the approximate position the customers original tag is. If the ExpressPass reader validates this tag, you will need to replace the customers original tag.
  • Is the read range of the ExpressPass RFID head too low? This can be adjusted by the Tagmaster software.

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