Custom themes are a great way to maximize your branding and further personalize your pay station. Our talented graphic artist will help you develop a touch screen theme with your logos, color, fonts, and overall brand.



Completely Customized

You’ll work with our talented graphic designer for the perfect design consistent with your branding.


New or Existing Kiosks

Custom themes can be made for new orders or installed on our kiosks already in the field.*


Increase Brand Recognition

Custom touch screen themes offer customers an immersive and memorable transaction experience.


Assign Hirearchy

Decide on the order and size of elements for prominence for optimized UX.


Increase Wash Club Sign Up

Customers can sign up for your monthly wash clubs quickly on your pay stations.**


Promote Brands & Services

Feature brand names and educate your customers on exactly what products and services they’re paying for.

*HTK and CTKs must have 15″ display.

**Only available for customers in the United States. Contact Hamilton for wash club sign up options world-wide.


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