Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. is proud to announce our partnership with the Toledo Metroparks. Recognizing the need for a coin changer to increase locker usage, we provided Glass City Metropark with a 1200FL Changer. This addition will make it easier for visitors to secure quarters for the lockers, enhancing their overall experience at the park.

A Popular Destination

Glass City Metropark has become the most popular Metropark in Lucas County, welcoming tens of thousands of visitors each month. With over 60 acres along the beautiful Maumee River, there’s something for everyone of all ages, abilities, and interests. One of the standout features of the park is ‘The Ribbon’, a multi-purpose rink that offers rollerblading and roller-skating in the warmer months and ice-skating during the winter. The Mini Maumee Discovery splash pad, is designed as a topographical replica of northwest Ohio, provides a refreshing retreat for families during the summer.

As you can imagine, many of the activities at Glass City require people to bring additional items, and there was a demand for secure locker storage. The coin-operated lockers are a great option for people to secure belongings while they skate, or dry clothes while they enjoy the splash pad. Until recently, if someone wanted to exchange a bill for quarters, they had to stand in the same queue as people paying for skates, exchanging skate sizes, asking questions, etc. Because of the unprecedented high attendance combined with staffing constraints, it was sometimes a very long line that many people opted to skip and just hold their belongings. Adding a change machine in Market Hall, alongside the lockers, will hopefully increase locker usage, add additional security for visitors, and, most importantly, act as an increased stream of revenue for the Metropark system.

A Shared Commitment

Hamilton Manufacturing is committed to serving the community where we work and live. Founded in 1921, Hamilton has been a part of the greater Toledo-Holland area for over a century. We look forward to a continued relationship with the Metroparks; this recent contribution is just one example of how businesses and community organizations can work together to create positive change.

Pictured above: Hamilton President, Bob Krist; Vice President, Laura Harris


We worked with Mike Keedy, the Metropark’s Director of Enterprise Development, and Kate Smith, the Director of Individual and Corporate Giving, to choose the change machine for Glass City. Hamilton currently manufactures 9 different change machines here in Holland, Ohio and we have been designing, building and maintaining change machines for over 40 years. We all felt the 1200FL would be the best option for their location and needs. This specific change machine is a great change machine for indoor or outdoor use, it doesn’t have to be mounted inside of a wall and can be easily (and securely) accessed from through the front. The Metroparks opted to accept $1s and $5s, but it can be configured to accept $10s and $20s as well. The 1200FL can also dispense other coins or tokens, depending on the location’s needs.

Key Features


XE Validator

1,000 bill stacker


High-Capacity Coin Hopper

Up to 4,800 quarters


Front Load

Designed for surface-mounting with front load access



11-gauge carbon steel, 2 heavy-duty MEDCO plug locks

Pictured above: Hamilton President, Bob Krist; Vice President, Laura Harris; and Marketing Manager, Theresa Weidner

Pictured above: Hamilton President, Bob Krist; and Marketing Manager, Theresa Weidner