Hamilton Manufacturing recently returned from the ICA
Car Wash Show™ 2022 in Nashville, TN. The turnout for this year’s event was huge – with over 8,000 total attendees and over 400
exhibitors alongside us. It was great to see our industry thriving after these historically challenging years. The Car Wash Show™ 2022 was one of the best tradeshows for Hamilton by far.

A few things stuck out to Hamilton as industry trends.

At Hamilton, we believe that our cloud-based platform, Hosted Solutions, will provide wash operators with valuable tools for these trends.

Data & Analytics

Operators want more data and want it now! Helping operators get information fast and in an easy -to-understand format is more important than ever before. Finding what they need should be uncomplicated – and take as few steps as possible. Our responsive business dashboard in Hosted Solutions gives operators quick, real -time data over any period of time and track trends. Operators love how intuitive the dashboard is and how easy it is to find the information they need.

Membership Programs

While we knew membership programs were big in the industry, this trend has grown more than
we could have ever anticipated. According to carwashmag.com, some car washes attribute over 70% of their daily customers as being part of a membership program.


Our Gold package for Hosted Solutions allows operators to create Wash Club membership
programs for their customers. This feature has proven to help our operators:
  • Increase sales
  • Focus on brand loyalty and draw customers away from competition
  • Provide excellent value to their consumers
  • Track customer sales and data
  • Have increased peace-of-mind with a predictable monthly income source

    Building Customer Databases 

    Wash Clubs and other features we offer in Hosted Solutions can help operators grow their customer database. Why do operators need a customer database? We’re so glad you asked! Customer databases allows operators to:
    • Track trends specific to individual customers
    • Market directly to customers
    • Encourage exponential growth through sharing, gifting, and referrals
    With Hosted Solutions, operators can view their customer database, send push notifications to customers on their mobile devices*, and market to their customers directly using email, direct mail, and other means.
    *included with our Custom Mobile App program

    Hosted Solutions 

    Hosted Solutions will help you keep up with this exciting, evolving industry. We aim to empower and help grow business, increase sales, and offset its own costs. Hosted Solutions has a dedicated support team here to help operators with every step of the process – from initial setup of their business dashboard, marketing a Custom Mobile App, and
    more. We also provide ongoing technical support through our call center, email, and ever-growing Wiki directory that is now live on our website. At Hamilton, your business is our business, and we want to help you succeed!