Holland, OH / November 28, 2017
After successful testing in live car wash environments, Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new EMV solution for users of HTK and CTK products in Canada.

Card processing is handled by Moneris, and paired with Verifone hardware. Chip cards, mag stripe cards, tap-enabled cards, and mobile pay is fully-supported and functional.

Our solution includes:
Verifone UX 300 card reader

  • Programmed to read both EMV and mag stripe cards
  • Weatherproof enclosure provides maximum protection against extreme weather conditions
  • Tamper-resistant design with PCI 4.X security standard certification

Verifone UX 100 Pinpad

  • Supports true PIN Debit, including Interac Flash
  • Tamper and impact-resistant design with PCI 4.X security standard certification
  • Embossed and color-marked buttons simplify use
  • High contrast display provides easy-to-follow instructional text, and provides excellent sunlight visibility

Verifone UX 400 Contactless Reader

  • Supports payments from mobile devices and contactless credit/debit cards
  • PCI 4.X certified, meets international security requirements and features SRED secured NFC/CTLS

Please contact the Hamilton Sales Department for additional information, pricing, and retrofit options.